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About Me

Welcome! My name is Kathryn Starling.


Who I Am

I am a happy, loving woman who is very excited to help you with healing. I believe in God and that He designed our bodies for healing. The therapy I provide is a wonderful aid in healing. I have a large family who is so important to me. I love living in Utah and all the special friends and experiences we enjoy here. 


Why Osteopathic Manual Therapy (OMT)?

I am so excited about and fascinated with OMT. This journey began when my twin brother was diagnosed with diverticulitis. He lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks, developed painful digestive problems and could only eat about 12 things without feeling awful. He had a few months of medical care and was told by doctors that he would just have to live with it, and there was nothing they could do for him. He searched out an osteopathic manual therapist who treated his organs and he immediately begin to heal after just one appointment. Within a matter of weeks he regained his weight and returned to his normal diet and lifestyle. 

Another Sweet Testimony

I have a child who was potty trained as a toddler but years later still could not stay dry at night, Our therapist found that her bladder was quite dry and stuck toward the back wall of her abdomen. She also had a pubic bone that was misaligned. She had hypertonic (tight) muscles in her pelvic region. With a few treatments, our therapist was able to manipulate and move her bladder so that it was slippery and could fully expand. She aligned her pubic bone and massaged her hypertonic muscles. She has stayed dry ever since. 

My family's experiences with OMT were so wondrous to me that I felt on fire with the joy. I learned that I, too, could learn these skills. That excitement has not dimmed in the least. I am so grateful that I can bring hope and healing to my family and others I serve.

My Training, 2021 to Present

I am a licensed massage therapist and provide OMT under the scope of a licensed massage therapist. I have been training in OMT since January 2021. As I continue to train over my lifetime, my skills will become more complete. I am not a doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO).

Nationally certified and state licensed in massage therapy, 2022

  • Anatomy and physiology​

  • Pathology

  • Segmental bodywork

  • Swedish massage

  • Sports massage

  • Lymphatic drainage massage

  • Shiatsu massage

  • Thai massage

  • trigger point massage

  • Reflexology

  • Acutherapy

  • Touch for health

  • Polarity

  • First aid/CPR

Training in osteopathic manual therapy techniques, 2021 to present

  • Lumbo Pelvis/Pelvis in Gait, 2021: Function of the pelvis in posture and movement, especially bone alignment. This is foundational therapy and proper function the pelvis, our center of gravity, improves overall health.

  • Cranial Cervical Complex in Posture, 2021: Function of the head and neck in posture and movement, especially bone alignment. Very helpful for head, neck and facial pain.

  • Thorax in Posture and Gait, 2021: Function of ribcage in posture and movement, especially bone alignment.

  • Visceral Mobilization of the Oropharynx to Sub-Diaphragmatic Structures, 2021: Treatment of soft tissues, organs and bone alignment of the neck, ribcage and within the ribcage. Helpful for movement, pain, circulation and breathing health. Increases immune function.

  • Visceral Mobilization, Vascular Neurochemical Structural Treatment, 2022: Treatment of soft tissues, organs and bone alignment in relation to illness including Covid.

  • Pediatric Treatment, 2022: Treatment of pregnant mothers and newborns through age 5. Specifically works with pregnant women to prepare them for labor via soft tissue treatment and bone alignment, making sure the birth canal can open and help baby face head down in the third trimester. Treating newborns and young children according to their developmental needs.

  • Athletic Lower Extremity, 2023: Motor function and range of motion of the foot, ankle, knee and hip as it relates to gait and weight-bearing movement.

  • Visceral Mobilization of Pelvic Structures 2023: Treatment of soft tissues, organs and bone alignment of the abdominal structures for function of mobility and musculoskeletal movement patterns.

  • Visceral Mobilization of Sub-diaphragmatic Structures, 2023: Treatment of soft tissues, organs and bone alignment of the abdominal structures for function of mobility and musculoskeletal movement patterns.

  • Advanced Neurodynamics: Bennett's and Chapman's Techniques, 2023: Autonomic visceral treatment using the Neural Dynamic Reintegration technique to restore autonomic regulation including serous mucous production and blood circulation. Treating reflexes according to Bennett's training allows for flushing organs within the body, eliminating waste and toxins and allowing increased nutrition to the organs via the blood. 

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